Traditional IT consulting is limited to their in-house offerings, attempting to fit your unique needs into a standard solution.

Freelance platforms give you resources, without further support. No team, no guarantees, you keep all the risks.

Why is New Gradient different?

We manage a trusted pool of independent IT experts; shape project teams and manage your risk, making sure you get the solutions you want.

The benefits.

Independent advice

We champion solutions tailored for your needs. Whether implementing them with your team or your preferred vendor, we're by your side.

On-Demand Consulting

Whether it's brief consultation or continuous support, our On-Demand services cater to both small and large business needs.

Tailored Solutions

Where standard solutions don't fit, we deliver ready-to-use solutions tailored to your specifics while ensuring scalability for growth.

What our clients say about us

Our services for your business transformation.


Shape a successful future: Gain clear IT direction, improved data strategies, and effective organizational structures for lasting progress.

IT Director on demand

Streamline your path to transformation: Efficiently manage demands, select the right vendors, and design operating models for optimal outcomes.

App delivery

Bring ideas to life: Develop applications that automate tasks, process data intelligently, and leverage AI for tangible business results.


Build in-house expertise: Enhance skills in IT management, product development, data analysis, and modern app creation for ongoing innovation.

Core members.

We translate your IT challenges
into opportunities

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